Donnie Burns M.B.E.

It is with a profound sense of excitement and enthusiasm that I congratulate our member, the Russian Dance Amateur League to the WDC AL family!

Russia is a huge and intensely important player in the world dance scene and the formalizing of Russia into the international fraternity long overdue.

We anticipate huge membership and progress for you and it is only fitting that you take your rightful place on the world stage.

Celebrate your inclusion and freedom to dance!!!

All the very best,

Donnie Burns M.B.E., 
President of WDC and WDC AL

Sammy Stopford

Dear sir,

It is with great pleasure and excitement I welcome you as the organisation to represent the nation of Russia in the WDC Amateur League . 
We look forward to Amateur League Russia being one of the most progressive and inclusive members of our dance family. As you are aware in the amateur league we support all competitions and strongly encourage all your members to dance in the competitions other Russian members hold as we expect them to support you. 

Congratulations and good luck, 
My very best wishes,
Sammy Stopford,
Chairman of the Amateur League

Hannes Emrich

Dear Dancers,
Dear Executives of the Russian Dance Amateur League,

It is my pleasure to be able to write some words of greeting and congratulations for the launch of this website and to what is another milestone on the road to have a free and strong Amateur Dance system outside of the other Amateur federation in Russia, which is sadly known mostly because of its corruption.
The creation of WDC AL Russia, or Russian Dance Amateur League as the organisation is called in Russian and the participation of so many organisations inside, that joined together to work under the system of WDC AL, which promotes freedom to participate and excellence and fairness in adjudicating, is hopefully a clear sign to all competitors that there is a great future ahead of them in our World of Dance!
The introduction of membership registration with the WDC AL though the Russian Dance Amateur League is another positive step for all dancers and will enable them to not only have a sense of belonging, but more so
- a chance to get discounted entries at WDC AL events,
- special promotions within WDC AL Russia and many more opportunities to come, associated with the membership of WDC AL Russia either as national or International competitors!

Good luck and may you have the best of success with your organisation.

Yours sincerely,
Hannes Emrich
General & Company Secretary, World Dance Council

Stanislav Popov

Dear colleagues,


Over the last 10 years of its successful development the Russian dance Union became the all-Russian public organization, uniting professional leaders from many regions of Russia, as well as regional organizations, which make their activity a large contribution to the RDU.


Among them MFSD, NDL, SPDU, MDU, MDA and other public and non-profit associations which are members of RDU, or bound by contractual relationships with the Russian Dance Union.

RDU, as a democratic community organization, welcomes the activities of other associations, federations, unions, leagues of dance, the aim of which is popularization and development of ballroom dancing and dance sports in Russia.

One of such organizations is the recently created Russian Dance Amateur League (RDAL), the founders of which are multiple physical and legal members of the RDU. The tournaments, which are included RDAL are into the RDU calendar.


On behalf of the Russian dance Union I wish to Russian Dance  Amateur League of work and successful cooperation with RDU in the development of ballroom dancing and dance sports in Russia.


With respect,

Stanislav Popov

RDU President

Honorary Vice President of the WDC

Honored art worker of Russia


Dear friends! 


We are pleased to welcome you to our website - the official website of Russian Dance Amateur League (RDAL), which represents  World Dance Council Amateur League as  "WDC AL Russia".


As you know, WDC AL initiated the registration of their representative branches in different countries, as well as the registration of dancers through these branches.

The main idea of the WDC AL is the uniting of all organizations which support the idea of "truly open competitions", coordination of calendar of  WDC AL, as well as the creation of a financial base to support of the best AL couples.


During 2016 WDC AL calendar will be reorganized , as well as the rating of the couples which participate in open tournaments - will include only couples who will be members of the WDC AL. And only these couples will qualify for the allocation of grants on the basis of the WDC AL rating. 

In addition, discounts are available if paid in tournaments for couples - members of the WDC AL (it already includes some of the most important competitions in the world, the list is growing and will be published soon).

The same WDC AL couples  will be entitled to discounts provided by partners AL. 


Exactly the same as the WDC AL works closely with the WDC, in Russia RDAL (WDC AL Russia) works in the atmosphere of mutual cooperation with RDU: 

- all Russian judges serving on the tournaments RDAL are WDC judges,  members of RDU;

- all tournaments RDAL are included into the RDU calendar;

- all organizations in RDAL are legal members of the RDU or work under the contract with the RDU, or their members are physical members of the RDU. 


Thus, the creation of RDAL and the appearance of the name WDC AL Russia, undoubtedly, will contribute to the development of the Amateur Dancing in Russia, to help to unite all who supports the idea of "open competitions" and to support creative endeavors of the dancers, coaches and specialists in Russia. 


We are always open for cooperation and proposals. RDAL was created as a democratic organization in which each dancer and the specialist has the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the Amateur movement. 

By the founders of RDAL was decided that the Chairman of the organization will be selected each year from among the Presidium members, which, in our opinion, will contribute to more active work of the Presidium and will provide the opportunity for any member to have great prospects of promotion due to its active work. 


On our website You will find some information on the calendar, tournament rules and the work of the organization. Information will be constantly updated, but in addition, You can always ask questions to any member of the Presidium by e-mail. 


We'd love to have all dancers, teachers, leaders of clubs, tournament organizers in the ranks of our organization. 




The RDAL Presidium (WDC AL Russia):

E. Belorukov (Chairman)

A. Bushchik

A. Karpov

N. Klyushin

I. Mihalkov 

A. Polyakov 

L. Pyankov 

S. Ryupin

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